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lady finger + gigantic brinjal on top

After digging…

Good for going along with bread.


Everytime I walk pass, the heat is so prevalent

Chicken Kebab, 1 for $5, 3 for $10…I wonder why their price is so lone-ist…So I had no choice but to buy 3 and share with my parents

wrapping + veg + chicken + chilli sauce…Good combination and soothing to the taste buds, of course it is too $_$_$_$_$_$

The only thing I found most worth it is this 50cm curly fried potatoe, $3 with cheese + chilli powder (Uncle was kind enough to allow me to have 2 flavours)

Everytime walk pass never try, now is the time to try!

I like how they poke it on the styrofoam box because it does not destroy the plastic bag. Whereas some older chinese might find it “bad luck” as if its offering joss sticks.

Pasar Malam at sembawang, right beside sembawang mrt station. This bread is expensive….

So many, different length wan…

Chilli sauce + black pepper sauce + cheese sauce w/o mayonnaise(requested), nowadays many ramily stalls change to liquid cheese instead of solid cheese.

Tasted nice, but felt that the price is abit steep, all i could taste was only egg and onions. Best consumed while hot btw!

5 for $2, again…last time it used to be 3/4 for $1 sigh…

Walked halfway home and it was gone, otah paste were fresh, so +1 for satisfaction

The stall that always seems to have a never ending queue

Chicken Briyani Set. Coloured rice with vege + chicken breast meat, also comes with papadum(indian crispy cracker) which is missing in this picture. The chicken did not taste as good as in the past, but one thing good is that their chicken never shrink like KFC. Total Damage = $6.50. I have a feeling they might up the price again..

Outside the Kopitiam

I always think that unattractive signboard means good food

Here comes the food, time to find it out, I bet you all do not know what is it

I was right, it was good food in disguise. Sliced fish hor fun. Fish was fresh, nice and reasonable quantity unlike some giam siap stalls I have been to. Total Damage = $3.50…Will go back and try their fried rice soon.

I was still hungry, then I decided to buy from the cai peng stall on the left without light( electricity are expensive $_$)

Rice with fish & sour pork, fish and vege. Total damage = $3 including soup.  Good buy

Fillet-O-Fish w/o tartar sauce

The only reason I would buy mac is their curly fries. I think they only have that on CNY because it is too troublesome seperating it from the normal ones. Total Damage = $5.90

This is Pizza4u, a pizza coy which I think many would not have heard before. They boast of their stonepot oven which is special and uses little oil when cooking. But the downside is that it takes longer which explains the almost 2 hours wait to delivery to my place.

First pizza, they call it Mr.Frosty. Consists of chicken ham, turkey bacon, pineapple, mushroom, mozzarella cheese and chicken floss. Topping not much except for the very evident chicken floss. Indeed, it has very little oil which is a healthier choice.

Second pizza, the Mexicana. Ingredients are spicy roasted chicken, smoked chicken salami, onion, capsicum,jalepeno pepper,pineapple and mozzarella cheese. The Jalepeno pepper has a very special spicy taste which overpowers the whole pizza. This pizza is not suitable for most including me, because of the jalepeno pepper which we seldom eat in our daily lives. Total damage = $25, comes with free garlic bread. Pizzas cooked using stonepot oven indeed tasted differently as compared to the typical electric oven, I think I would buy them again sometime soon to try out other pizzas using this special way of cooking.



Prata Paradise, located at Tiong Bahru/Tiong Poh Road.

Their promotional menu outside the restaurant.

Their signboard inside.

This is what I ate, 2 plain prata + chicken curry with chicken. Total damage = $5.50 (not including gst). In conclusion, it was worth it. Considering that a plain prata alone costs $1.10 and they gave me chicken and fish curry(w/o fish).




+1 to my overall entry, 9 more to go to complete my PLJ T_T