Placed a reservation at this tzi char stall for our reunion dinner for the second consecutive year. This stall is located beside yishun safra country club, Blk 654 Yishun Ave 4  and was in the news for their unhygienic practice sometime back in 2010. Our first dish is the yusheng, the white and orange carrot were slightly harder to chew. The only nice thing is the keropok which everyone loves.

Sorry to have shown the leftovers, I forgot to take pictures again. There were Shark fin soup before this but it was so nice we drank it all in less than 10 minutes. The dishes were chicken with a somewhat rojak sauce. sweet and sour prawn and baby kailan stir fried with garlic. Chicken was special mainly because of the sauce. Sweet and sour prawn were tasty and fresh, however the quantity was way too little considering that it was for 6 pax and there were only 5 of us. I think we counted and it was 8/9 pieces only. Baby kailan was well stir-fried with plenty of garlics which me and my family loved.

Steamed Pomfret fish, soup tasted clear. Fish tasted blend and might have been better with probably more light soya sauce. My mum can cook this better.
Total damage = $196 , parents said it was better as compared to last year. For me, I thought it was worst than the previous year because of the disappointing fish and prawn. Nonetheless, Gong Xi Fa Cai ^_^


Dominos Pizza, the pizza that I always always buy, at least 5 times per month . What is so good bout them is that if they do not deliver to your doorstep in 30 minutes, you would receive a voucher for a free regular pizza for your next purchase(sometimes they will act blur, so you must ask). Also, you get free sides whenever you order online. They save cost on hiring call personnels, and we get to eat more = double win. Everytime you order online, they will send you an email to do a questionnaire, after which you get a free personal pan pizza on your next purchase after completing. So its like free side + personal pan pizza whenever you order online = thriple win.

Personal Pizza, the BBQ one. It is hand tossed crust which is the fattest. Not crispy, just soft soft kind of bread.

Breadstix with some sort of sweet and spicy sauce, again this is given free because of online ordering. Something like garlic bread.

Nicest Pizza ever, not the normal pizza with tomatoe sauce but with cheese cheddar sauce. Medium thickness crust, they call it New York Crust. I do not know what Pizza this is since i edited the toppings to my own liking. It contains Pineapple,mushroom, chicken breast, turkey ham and sausage.

Again, edited pizza but with crispy thin crust. Changed 2 meat toppings to spinach but unfortunately they did not add it in.

Just another random picture I took long ago, do not be fooled by the dull pictures because it is nice. Notice the green green stuffs on the bottom left. Those are the spinach which they forgot to add in in my latest one 😦

Bang for buck, only $12.80, 2 regular + 1 personal pizza + 1 side.

If interested, please visit

What food to eat? This is spaghetti with hotdog,fishcake, button mushrooms cooked by my mum for me!!!!. MMMMMMM cheap + good + 100x better than Pastamania. Im Lovin’ It 😛

I loved Pizzas but not a fan of PizzaHut SG because of their ” GST/Delivery charge exclusive ” , I guess now they made it GST inclusive coz of customers feedbacks n such. Decided to try it again since they seemed quite desperate and are constantly in competition with other Pizza Coys like 2-4-1 pizza, Sarpinos Pizza, Dominos Pizza and many more. Bought them online, with some promotional codes I receive from them and found it really worth every penny.

20 free honey roasted wings, well marinated and tasty 😛

BBQ Chix Pizza, pan crust was very crispy despite it being thick. Loved it…Bad impression of PizzaHut is starting to fade away xD

Hawaiian Pizza, generous amount of pineapples,hams and chunky chicken bits. Bad impression of PizzaHut SG has faded away.

This is the receipt as proof of purchase. Total Damage = $22.30 . Conclusion is that it is very worth it, might consider ordering again if they have similar promotions in future.

Malaysia, truly asia,Bukit Indah (Jusco)….took a teksi from city square to this place for RM20.00. Bought their chicken chop (RM6.50) , A&W, KFC. Enjoy saliavating 😛

1 of my favourite chicken rice store, located near my place at Sun Plaza Kopitiam. Total Damage = $3.50 (-10% with kopitiam card). Good/consistent serving portion with peanut soup, also like the chilli and the garlic. Was eating halfway then realised I could use it for my homework -_-


So many million times I have forgotten that I had to take photos as part of my Gen-Ed PLJ project ARGHHHH!!! And so many zillion times I gobbled everything all up before I even remembered to take photo. This is the cause of overly-passionate in my pursuits for passionate pursuits. I took these quick photos after seeing some1 taking photos, so it sparked me and I quickly anyhow snap. Please enjoy!! 🙂

This is the coffeeshop right after exiting B of Braddel MRT station. Ordered the mini pot noodle with meepok + meegia after seeing some1 eating it. The soup quite tasty, ingredients include crabmeat,fishball,fishcake,seaweed and green veg. Total Damage = $4.00. Conclusion, only special is the steamboat pattern nia.

Next is the Singaporeans favourite ‘cai tao kuey’ (carrot cake) stall, I purposely took a pic of the kuey coz I thought it was quite special with red carrot one..This stall power one man show. Spoke with the uncle abit n learnt from him that most ppl jus use white carrot coz of the ease. He added tat red carrot is nt as tasty as white carrot n he jus mix em up to make it more attractive. Kudos for effort nonetheless….I dapao white carrot cake + char kway teow (without black sauce) from him. After bringing it home and keeping for awhile it still tasted awesome,the kway teow put alot of pork lard which makes it so fragrant and yummy and sinful. Total Damage = $4.50, confirm will buy again.

PS.sry for the sucky pics, had bad lightnings…

Bought the groupon vouchers @ $10 for 2 regular thin crust pizzas (–worth–20-/715900769 )
Casa D’Angelo, located @ 47 Sims Place 01-171 Singapore 380047  An italian restaurant, how authentic izzit idk
First was anchovy pizza, ultimate salty-ness, not for the weak hearted. 2nd pizza was mushroom and ham which is quite ok , nt bad lor, their ingredients quite generous which i thought they would cut down on for groupon customers.Total Damage = $10 (thx to groupon). Can tell that the pizzas were freshly made since it was piping hot when brought out especially the ham and mushroom one.Will go try again,provided its on the way.
more details @

First stop at Sunshine plaza is this store called 32 Degrees Fahrenheits. Happened to saw it and recalled that it showed on TV once. It is like ice kachang just that instead of normal ice they put flavours into it. I Ordered Chocolate ice shavings with strawberry toppings. Total damage = $3.20(inclusive of soft toy). Very sweet, also very special coz it was the 1st time I tried it. Will definitely try again 😛

Next was the store called Oven Marvel, also in Sunshine Plaza. On their glass panel was full of adverts saying wad “PowerPuff ,Girls” and other newspaper ads. Guess tis is the way to attract people nowadays…Walk in wan 2 buy then the auntie immediately said “Only left curry puff”. Less than 3 mins after purchasing, the paper bag start to turn oily as shown in the picture. I think it was because late liao. Total damage = $2.20(inclusive of oil).  Conclusion = better off buying from a less overpriced shop like Old Chang Keeeeee,might never try it ever again.

Last but not least was this Leong Yeow Famous Waterloo St…..chicken rice stall.Not at sunshine plaza, close to exit E of bras brasah station I believe. Bought 1 plate of steamed chicken breast rice. Chilli was not bad, nt as fresh as seen in the picture tho. Plate very special silver color wan. Chicken very tender,smooth and silky, taste was quite ok but I wonder how it is like w/o the soya sauce and all other seasonings. Total damage = $3.80.Conclusion = price is too expensive for a place at a normal hawker centre w/o aircon, but I guess that is the price I hafta pay to eat at a FAMOUS stall :(:(:(:(:( Having said that, I might still try it just the next round I will prolly eat 1/2 white chicken coz hor liddat more worth it IMHO.